Wherever from you buy a chess set, our Lowest Price Guarantee* ensures that you get the best deal on your purchase.

*We only guarantee this for online websites in USD and GBP as we can verify the claim by checking the price and the item description easily. This Guarantee is NOT VALID for offline, marketplaces, in-stores or in other currencies.
** Low price guarantee is NOT VALID on Spanish Chess Boards & Chess Clocks category w.e.f 1st January 2015.

Before you make a purchase

Should you find an online website selling lower price than us, we will beat it by offering 10% off on the lowest price of the competitor. Tell us which competitor of ours is offering the lower price; we will verify the price and see if the item is in stock and is available for immediate sale and delivery. Make sure you have added the price of the item and the shipping cost.

No one in the world ships chess sets FREE of cost, but we do, and that too all over the world.

If you've already made your purchase

For previous purchases made at chessbazaar.com, should you find a lower price at any online dealer we will beat it by 10%. Just present us with your original payment receipt within 30 days of purchase, tell us which competitor is offering the lower price. We will verify the price and make sure the item is same as ours in material, size, quality, and design and most importantly that the item is in stock and is available for immediate sale and delivery. Once again the cost of item and shipping price will be added to calculate the total price. You get a further 10% discount on the lowest price offered by our competitor in case his prices are lower than us.

Terms and conditions:

The item must be of the same material, design, quality, and size. The item must be brand new. Competitors’ prices must be in US dollars and have to be adjusted for any fees, taxes or other charges like shipping.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to advertising errors or misprints, free or bonus offers, limited or minimum quantity, liquidations, clearances, and financing offers. The terms and conditions of the Lowest Price Guarantee are subject to change without notice.

Lowest Price Guarantee FAQs

When can I ask chessbazaar.com to beat a price?

There are two distinct cases where chessbazaar.com will beat a price:

- if you find a lower price on another website before you make your purchase at chessbazaar.com

if you find a lower price at another website within 30 days of making your purchase at chessbazaar.com

Does the Lowest Price Guarantee apply to the prices of Internet retailers only?

Yes! This Guarantee applies to online websites only as we can verify the facts in the case of online websites only, it won't be possible for us to verify it for offline and in-stores. If we don’t already offer the lowest price on any item/items you want, we’ll beat any price in any online website by giving further 10% discount. There are a few things to note:

-The cost of the shipping and taxes of item will be added to the cost of the item.

-The item must be of the same material/wood, size, design, and quality.

-The price of the item must be in US dollars.

How do I show proof of the price difference?

Please write to us at sales@chessbazaar.com or call us at 0091-172-466 0 488 (India) and tell us which website is offering the lower price, what the price is, and at which website they are offering it at. Our Product Specialists will verify the price and that the item is in stock and available for immediate sale and delivery to you. They will also check that the material, quality, size and design of the product is same as ours.

How do I get the lower price for my item?

Once our product specialists verify that the product is exactly same as ours and it is rightly priced lower than us, we will immediately either send you the refund of excess amount that you have paid us (purchases made within last 30 days) or give you a coupon code to lower the price of our item by 10% from our competitor.

How do Shipping Fees affect my price?

We normally don't charge any shipping fees on any of our items. But most of the websites charge for shipping. So when matching our prices with a competitor please note that you have added our competitors prices of item and shipping cost. For example, if we sell a chess set for $100 and a competitor’s price is $80, but they included a $30 charge for shipping while we charged no fee, the competitor’s price is actually $110, and therefore higher than our $100 price. In this case, the chess set would be ineligible for our Lowest Price Guarantee as we would already be offering the lowest price.

Does your guarantee apply to all online sellers & marketplaces?

Yes! Our guarantee applies to all online websites except for the third party marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc. We sell our items at multiple third party e-comm websites where the prices are dependent upon the fees these websites are charging us. The websites where the selling and final value fees are less, the benefit is passed on to our buyers hence the prices are lower while on the websites where the selling and final value fees are more we have to keep the prices a little bit higher. In the nutshell, different chessbazaar avenues don't come under competitor preview. You can easily make out our store by the copyrighted pictures. They are almost same everywhere.

Will you price match “free gift with purchase” offers?

Unfortunately, we do not price match any free gift with purchase orders.