Owning the chess set that you always wanted can't be more easier than this, and the good news is, that your wife won't kill you for that. chessbazaar.com offers custom Layaway Plan where you choose any item with value $ 200 or more, you choose the number of installments you want to pay and you choose the amount of payments you want to make in each installment. As soon as the last installment has been paid for, the chess set is yours!


Can I use this to pay for any flash sales or special promotions?

Yes sure, Instalments paid under Layaway Plan can be used to buy items on special sales too. For example you have paid 3 installments of $ 50 each and you come across a flash sale at our website, you can encash your paid up $ 150 to buy anything at that time.


Can I change my item in the course of Layaway Plan?

You can change your item, the no. of installments you want to have or the amount of payment of the remaining installments at any point of time.


What if I change my mind and don't want to buy any item anymore?

If at any stage you change your mind and drop the idea of buying a chess set, we will issue you no-questions-asked full refund immediately. Please note that the fees associated with payment gateways will be borne by you as payment gateways issue refund of fees only for a certain time period, e.g. PayPal issues fees refund only for payment refuned within 60 days of original transaction. If you paid by PayPal and wanted to get refund after 60 days you will have to bear the transfer fees charged by PayPal.

No interest will be paid for the time period the funds were with us.





Our trained sales professionals are available to answer your questions and assist with your queries. Contact our chat agent or mail us at support@chessbazaar.com!